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A partnership with Transunion & Equifax; PCC Innovative Solutions, LLC will provide monthly Tenant lease payment history to these major credit bureau agencies.

What this means for you and your tenants:

  • Cost effective solution to thousands of dollars in lost rental and late fees
  • Tenants create a positive credit history with on time payments
  • Choose one or both agencies for maximum pre-screening analysts of potential tenants
  • Immediate sharing with future property owners and/or lenders.
  • Monthly monitoring of past due accounts
  • Management companies can offer a competitive advantage to landlords/owners.
  • Increase cash flow and reduce bad debt.
  • No longer guessing if evictions or dispossessory judgments are being reported.
  • You continue to collect payments for immediate deposit
  • No Software Required,  you continue to use existing data base
  • PCT Advantage will manage all reporting disputes through required e-Oscar-web registration.

With PCT Advantage your tenant data is reported to both Transunion & Equifax while maintaining a single account.    No minimum tenant requirements with PCT Advantage.

With initial set up fee, your data is converted to the mandated credit reporting format enabling the monthly data reporting process.

  • Federal Law Compliance with CFPB Rules & Regulations
  • PCT Advantage will manage all disputed inquires upon initiation
  • Lease Agreement Compliance and Amendment requirement.
  • Annual contract with opt out option upon renewal


  • Automatic payment with no hidden fees or increase during current term
  • One time only set up fee $150. - $300.
  • Monthly rates start as low as $ .50 per tenant.  Lower rates may apply with large tenant volume.  

Tenant screening available directly through Transunion & Equifax.  PCCIS is not a reseller for Transunion or Equifax, but can provide assistance with acceptance compliance and customer relations.   We can provide a full credit analysis and evaluation.

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