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Through careful evaluation of your current policies and procedures of your credit and collections departments, we will help to determine your immediate needs.   Either by recommending proper credit investigations of your new and current clients, securing your receivables through preliminary lien notices or developing a collection process to lower your DSO.  We will also provide assistance with internal collection efforts as well as pursue your bad debt recoveries over 90 days past due.  



Here at PCC Innovative Solutions, LLC, Credit Collection Services is what we provide.  Our goal is to assist with all your credit and collection needs.  We are here to find solutions that will protect your assets and teach you how to manage your accounts receivables.

Whether you're a large corporation or a one man contractor, your main priority is to your clients.  We focus on customer service, open communications, good business practices and show you how to manage your receivables.   Our main purpose is implementing solutions to increase cash flow without losing the customer.