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Debt Collections Process

Contacting Customers

Need help in collecting from customers or perhaps training on how to improve collection efforts internally, we can help.   Offering outsourcing collection assistance,  bad debt collection recovery, skip tracing, debt collection letter writing, filing claims or through step by step instructional collection efforts, your cash flow will improve.

If you find you are in immediate need of assistance, whether due to loss of employee or in process of setting up an internal method to collections, here are some options:


Current Portfolio collections - Accounts Receivable Outsourcing

Monthly contract pricing based on number of clients

With use the debt collections process -friendly reminder calls and emails

Invoice and Statement mailings.

Notify business of any discrepancies.


Continue with Escalating receivables-

Collection Calls

Collection letters

Credit hold recommendations

Recommendation of third party collections - PCC Innovative Solutions (debt collection agency) will take over with more aggressive tactics with out costing you more.


Note:  It is always important to utilize Sales in handling collection attempts.  Your sales staff typically has developed a relationship with these clients and therefore should be a good source of assistance.   See more on Training "Sales & Collections"


We Maintain full Compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.