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Hello, my name is Dawn Poplawski, I started in collections back in 1988 after attending Brannell College of Atlanta.

I founded this business based on my passion for what I do and the assistance I can offer to small businesses as well as large corporations.  With my vast experience in all functions of accounting over the years, I found my strongest assest being collections and resolution to problem areas.

While utilizing secure methods through research and analysis, I have accomplished to increase sales without increasing lose and in turn helped customers establish credit and success.  I have developed and trained others who have become well established credit managers and debt collectors.

With this business, I have the opportunity to utilize my 26 years of credit and collection experience to help others.

About the Owner

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PCC Innovative Solutions, LLC is a collection consulting company with the experience and expertise in implementing solutions to increase cash flow without losing the customer.  We believe in taking a personal approach by getting to know our client and a full knowledge of their business to develop the right course of action based on their needs.  With a strong background in the Commercial Industry, our team has provided credit and collection assistance and personal training to companies such as Hertz Equipment Rental, Sky Climber, Inc. and BPS Equipment just to name a few.  We strive to stay educated in new methods and state regulations.   Most importantly we stay in compliance with the FTC - Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.


Making you successful, makes us succeed.